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Xk0  Long buried yearnings in my breast arise,Hhr全民彩票

Tg3  A tree should be protected!b3HI全民彩票

全民彩票1yfd  From out the house he quickly hied,And when he gain'd the open air,YTnSF

全民彩票Gk  Each with visions wild employ,Numb, in boundless realm of space,uU2

I93Lf  The prudent fisher upward goes;Round reef and rock ice casts its chains,qMY7全民彩票

mZ76  With welcome gladly given.c2q全民彩票

lq  He sees the fairest goddess pine,q7

gY  Who has stirr'd my passion;Of his mistress let each think,p

pYpo  I gave it that dear maid.Jrj5

7tKl  All alike are radiant and serene;When thou tak'st one to thine heart with truth,gXt

OecA  节前春运期间,我国正处于隆冬时节,冷空气频繁,北方一派千里冰封的景象,江南、华南一带也常有雨雪出现,加重湿冷的感受。东北和西北地区需要厚羽绒服加身,华北、黄淮羽绒服和棉服也是必不可少的,江南一带夹克风衣更潇洒,华南地区气温适宜,一件夹克衫可以过节,您要是去海南过节,准备长袖体恤就可以了。ks1f

mado  In the Muses' silent groves.A4Gx

ZEe  And the nightingale replies;Wat'ry flakes and jets are falling,MBlk8

YDKb  Long-neck'd flasks I put as dishesqQ

wP0  With the feelings brightly glowing,Ra5yH

Pxb  What is't to me, whate'er it may impart?gzn6

J5z2  All night-time make me stray;For, oh! 'tis Love's sweet drunkennessDt

YD7  Then the excellent youth collected himself, and made answer"Truly that man can have no heart, but a bosom of iron,Who no sympathy feels for the wants of unfortunate exiles;He has no sense in his head who, in times of such deep tribulation,Has no concern for himself or for his country's well-being.What I to-day have seen and heard, has stirr'd up my feelings;Well, I have come up here, and seen the beautiful, spreadingLandscape, which in fruitful hills to our sight is presented,Seen the golden fruit of the sheaves all nodding together,And a plentiful crop of fruit, full garners foreboding.But, alas, how near is the foe! By the Rhine's flowing watersWe are protected indeed; but what are rivers and mountainsTo such a terrible nation, which hurries along like a tempest!For they summon together the young and the old from all quarters,Rushing wildly along, while the multitude little is caringEven for death; when one falls, his place is straight fill'd by another,Ah! and can Germans dare to remain at home in their dwellings,Thinking perchance to escape from the widely-threat'ning disaster?Dearest mother, I tell you that I to-day am quite sorryThat I was lately excused, when they selected the fightersOut of the townfolk. 'Tis true I'm an only son, and more-overLarge is our inn, and our business also is very important;Were it not better however for me to fight in the vanguardOn the frontier, than here to await disaster and bondage?Yes, my spirit has told me, and in my innermost bosomFeel I courage and longing to live and die for my country,And to others to set an example worthy to follow.Oh, of a truth, if the strength of the German youths was collectedOn the frontier, all bound by a vow not to yield to the stranger,He on our noble soil should never set foot, or be ableUnder our eyes to consume the fruits of the land, or to issueOrders unto our men, or despoil our women and maidens!See, good mother, within my inmost heart I've determinedSoon and straightway to do what seems to me right and becoming;For the man who thinks long, not always chooses what best is.See, I will not return to the house, but will go from here straightwayInto the town, and there will place at the fighters' disposalThis stout arm and this heart, to serve, as I best can, my country.Then let my father say whether feelings of honour are stirringIn my bosom or not, and whether I yearn to mount upwards."48YS

tNv1  SLUMBER and Sleep, two brethren ordain'd by the gods to their service,L1ZC

uIMk  And pecks at her lips,And hovers and flutters,HwKe

1.gcvq  CLARA winds a skein, and sings with Brackenburg.THn6G

2.kL1  An anguish'd heart whose loss hath been so great?Where are the hours that fled so swiftly by?Yp8p

3.ojXW  On all around their beauteous radiance cast,irO

4.3VvL  "THE mountain village was destroy'd;But see how soon is fill'd the void!Shingles and boards, as by magic arise,The babe in his cradle and swaddling-clothes lies;How blest to trust to God's protection!"bITpr


Cxhm  Dragging wood, with rapture be it done,'Tis the seed of many an earthly sun;Plucking Pambeh, gladly may ye say:--This, as wick, the Holy will convey.qbMX


qeho7  Then with significance answer'd his good and sensible mother,Shedding tears in silence, which easily rose in her eyelids:--"Son, what has wrought so strange a change in your temper and feelings,That you freely and openly speak to your mother no longer,As you till yesterday did, nor tell her truly your wishes?If another had heard you speaking, he doubtless would praise youHighly, and deem your new resolution as worthy of honour,Being deceived by your words, and by your manner of speaking.I however can only blame you. I know you much better.You are concealing your heart, and very diff'rent your thoughts are;For I am sure you care not at all for drum and for trumpet,Nor, to please the maidens, care you to wear regimentals.For, though brave you may be, and gallant, your proper vocationIs to remain at home, the property quietly watching.Therefore tell me truly: What means this sudden decision?"dtLv


lLk3D  And I'm gladden'd by the throng;Yes, they're coming,--yes, descendingt5zpH


DPhHf  A howling rises through the air,A trembling fills each dark vault there,PYqRL


nPx  And gives our ears no rest;But neither old nor young can dareus